School is back in session, and Asphalt Green’s Recess Enhancement Program (REP) is here to help you make recess a fun, safe, and active part of the school day! We're bringing you our favorite playground games of all time. Let's start the year off with a bang by playing Pindown. It's a great way to get a large group of students active and moving. 


Who: Grades 3-5

Players: 20+

Time: 20+ minutes

Where: Gymnasium or outdoor basketball court 

Equipment: six cones/bowling pins, four gator balls, and six hula hoops 


How to Play

  • Scatter hula hoops throughout the playing area with a cone/bowling pin in the middle of each one. Assign one player to guard each cone/pin. The players who are not guarding a cone/pin will line up. 
  • When the facilitator yells, "go," each player will try to knock over the cones/pins of other players with a gator ball. Players may move around to pick up a ball and guard their cone/pin. 
  • When your cone/pin is knocked down, you are out, and that player will go to the end of the line. 
  • The first student in line then goes to the open hula hoop and joins the game. 


Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Instruct students to high-five each other when they join the line. 



EASY: Two players per team (or more for bigger groups).

MEDIUM: Remove hula hoops.

HARD: Use non-dominant hand.


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