Kids build confidence while getting active in The Great Debate, a Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game.


The Great Debate

Who: Grades 3-8

Players: 10+

Time: 15 minutes+

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground

Equipment: Cones or tape 

How to Play

  • Players line up 6 feet apart from one another. 
  • The facilitator is the great debate moderator. The moderator asks questions, and the players debate each other over the answers. For example: Which animal is better – a lion or a tiger? 
  • There are two areas with cones/tape that represent either side of the debate. After the moderator asks a question, players have 15 seconds to move to the side they most agree with. Stay 6 feet apart! 
  • Teams have 90 seconds to come up with an argument for why their side is correct. Each team will nominate one person to deliver the argument in under 30 seconds. 
  • Once the arguments have been made, players will have 15 seconds to vote again. The side with the most votes wins the debate, and the team with fewer votes does 10 jumping jacks, squats, or burpees. 

Check for Understanding

  • How many people deliver the argument for each team? 
  • How much time does a debater have to deliver an argument? 

Game Tip

  • Set up guidelines for the debate to ensure that it is an inclusive and supportive environment. For example, poking fun at a debater is an ad hominem attack and automatically counts as a loss. 

Conflict Resolution Tip

  • Have the two debaters play rock-paper-scissors.  


Easy: Players must hold a balancing position while discussing with team and debating. 

Medium: Jog in place while discussing with team and debating. 

Hard: Add a third side to the debate.

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