Sylvia Liff sat outside Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side fitness studio with a smile beaming from her face.  


She exclaims, “Today, I was on the floor, and I was able to get up!”  


In September 2019, getting up from the ground would not have been possible. Sylvia is in her mid-80s and has osteoarthritis in her knee. Motivated to maintain her independence, she started attending Skills in Motion classes at Asphalt Green in October 2019. 


“I didn’t want to lose my mobility,” Silvia says. “If you live in the city and don’t have mobility, you’re in trouble.”  


Sylvia has not missed a Skills in Motion class since she signed up in mid-October. She grew up in the city, and she has always been a big walker. However, committing to exercise twice per week is a first for Sylvia. She feels comfortable because the class is small and moves at an appropriate pace.   


In just three months, everyday activities have become easier. She can bend down to turn the radiator on in her apartment, get in and out of cars to visit her kids in the suburbs, and take public transportation.  


“[Skills in Motion] makes you more conscious of your movement,” Sylvia says. “I have a bad back, and walking hurts sometimes. Then, like I learned in the class, I started to lift my legs up and [it alleviates some of the pain.]” 


Skills in Motion is a priority for Sylvia, and she hopes to continue to improve.  


 “For me, mobility is independence,” Sylvia says. “I’m still able to get around the city, which is why I’m doing [the class].”