You're almost through 2020. Wherever you are, take a moment to be proud of yourself—2020 was a tough year. Now is the time many us of us start to think about our new year’s resolutions. However, we’re taking a different approach in 2021. Here are some fresh ideas to make the upcoming year your best yet. The theme: Focus on progress, not perfection.  


Learn a new skill.  

According to a recent survey, learning a new skill is one of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2021. Channel your energy at Asphalt Green! Try using a new piece of equipment in the fitness center, working out with a personal trainer, join our swim team, or try a new sport.  


Head into the new year with a more positive mindset.  

You’re here! You got this! We’re cheering for you! Here’s a reminder to cheer for yourself too.  


Check in with yourself. 

Setting harsh deadlines to reach your goals is a thing of the past. Instead, check in with yourself weekly. How are you feeling? What did you accomplish this week? What do you hope to accomplish next week? Every small step is a step closer to your bigger goals.  


Focus your renewed motivation. 

A recent survey found 62% of respondents are looking forward to tackling the new year with renewed motivation. Bring that motivation to your swim, fitness, and sports sessions. How will you challenge yourself? Can you hold your plank for an extra 30 seconds, increase the intensity of your swim workout, or do an extra repetition in your weight training routine?