At Asphalt Green, we are committed to improving the health and fitness of all New Yorkers, regardless of age, ability and economics. That’s why we operate a variety of programs that allow those who might not have such experiences to share in the joy and benefits of sports, aquatics and fitness. We call these our community programs.

Our youth community programs help children develop positive attitudes toward being active through play and sports. We strive to instill healthy habits in each child. Our core community programs for kids are: Waterproofing, Recess Enhancement Program, Community Sports Leagues, and our After-school Program. These youth programs function in partnership with New York City public schools and charter schools. This year, our youth community programs are getting 50,000 elementary school kids in more than 100 schools active and moving.

We are also committed to keeping senior citizens active and strong as they age through our Senior Fitness community program. In partnership with the NYC Department for the Aging and senior organizations in East Harlem, we offer older adults free group exercise classes. Through our fitness classes, older adults build strength and confidence, allowing them to remain active in their communities.

See our community programs in action and learn more about our free community programs below.



Waterproofing is Asphalt Green’s free swim instruction and water safety program for New York City public school students.

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Recess Enhancement Program

Our Recess Enhancement Program serves more than 28,000 students in New York City.

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Community Sports Leagues

Community Sports Leagues provide Harlem middle school children with the opportunity to play organized sports.

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After-school Programs

Introducing our After-school Programs, now serving New York City kids.

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