$1.2 Million Raised in Celebration of 50 Years

Asphalt Green brought together our philanthropic, business, and community partners at The Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 to celebrate our 50th Anniversary Gala and mark 50 years of keeping New Yorkers moving. Our celebration was an incredible success — we raised $1.2 million to expand sports and fitness opportunities for all New Yorkers thanks to the generous support from our beloved community. The gala welcomed 250 attendees, including Olympic competitors Rowdy Gaines, Lia Neal, and Tom Auth. At the event, we celebrated Asphalt Green's history and community and heard insights on Asphalt Green’s mission and exciting future from our CEO, Jordan Brackett, and board chairs.

Gala attendees generously donated to the following additional programs:

  • Expanding our Recess Enhancement Program to a New York City public school for an academic year
  • Need-based scholarships to our transformative Summer Day Camp
  • Sponsoring swim instructors to teach the essential skill of swimming to students with disabilities
  • Partial sports scholarships to remove cost-associated barriers for talented young athletes
  • Giving a child the life-changing — and life-saving — gift of free swim lessons for a year

We are tremendously grateful to our donors and friends for their partnership, and we look forward to the next 50 years of excellence, innovation, and community impact.


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About Asphalt Green

The idea of Asphalt Green was conceived in 1972 with a vision of providing New Yorkers equitable access to the transformative power of sports and fitness. We’ve dedicated ourselves to achieving this mission through learn-to-swim programs, competitive and community sports leagues, high-performance fitness programs, school-based physical activity, and more. Your contributions support Asphalt Green scholarships, free and reduced-fee programming, and give us the support we need to ensure that we’re able to build a community that allows us to build confidence, promote sportsmanship, and encourage a lifetime of activity in New Yorkers. 

Questions about the gala? Please contact gala@asphaltgreen.org or call 212-369-8890 x2032.


Asphalt Green Board of Directors

Caroline Hribar

Barrie R. Zesiger

Vice Chair
Locky Trachsel

Paul Sherrington

Christa D'Alimonte

Kimberly A . Burd
Justin Derfner
William S. Eakins
Kirsten J. Feldman
Rowdy Gaines
Andrea Wenner Hollander
Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk
Samuel J. Jemal
James Kinderknecht, MD
David Levin
Robert Milam
David Mitnick
Lia Neal
Thomas Newman
Andrew J. Nussbaum
Damon Pazzaglini
John A. Porges
Travis Rundlet
Patricia A. Saunders
Albert L. Zesiger

Honorary Board
Robert R. Cross

Annette C. Murphy
George E. Murphy, MD


Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Title Sponsors
The Gray Foundation
Caroline Hribar and Mallon FitzPatrick
The George E. & Annette C. Murphy Charitable Fund
Darcy & Andy Nussbaum

Platinum Sponsors
Al and Barrie Zesiger
Harris Family Foundation

Gold Sponsors
The Trachsel Family

Silver Sponsors
Kimberly A. Burd
Christa D’Alimonte and Flint Hobart
The Derfner Family
Samuel J. Jemal
Ascent Real Estate Advisors, LLC
Paul Sherrington
Tribeca Preparatory
The Blatt Philanthropy Fund

Bronze Sponsors
Anonymous (2)
Bernard Nussbaum Charitable Trust
Sara and Geoff Bible
Jennifer Bayer Michaels
Mimi and Andrew Crawford
The Vernhes Family
David Mitnick
The Pazzaglini Family
Safety Facility Services, Inc.
Nazak & William Savitt

Green Sponsors
Fritz and Peter Beshar
Frank Chan and Karen Li
The Cross Foundation
Economos Properties
Kirsten J. Feldman
Antoinette and Trevor Freeman
Andrea Wenner Hollander
Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk
Susan & Edward Kopelowitz
Tom Lister
Lori & David Moore
The Newman Schreiber Family
Thomas & Frances Qualter
Jack L. Salzman
Jennifer M. Shotwell
The Slowik Family
Lee and Ray Wareham
Pam Wasserstein and Adam Shapiro
Elise and Andrew Brownstein
Rachel Skaistis