Water exercise classes are a great way to get a low-impact workout in the pool. Pushing and pulling arms and legs against the resistance of the water helps build strength without putting stress on joints. Browse our water exercise classes below. Learn about our excellent water exercise instructors here

Asphalt Green members with pool access receive free admittance to all water exercise classes.

COVID-19 update: Water exercise classes are back as of Sunday, September 12! Reservations are required and capacity is limited. Here’s what you need to know:  

  • Classes are 50 minutes.  
  • Members are able to book multiple classes per day.  
  • Water exercise class reservations are included in Asphalt Green membership; there is no additional cost to secure a spot for members. Non-members may purchase class packages.  
  • Instructors must wear a face mask when teaching from the pool deck and must wear a face shield if in the water.  
  • Cancellations require 2-hours' notice.*
Reservations can be made on a rolling basis two weeks in advance. The reservation window is open from 5am to 11pm daily.

Reservation How-To Guide

Please note:

  • Pool and water cleaning systems are fastidiously maintained, including disinfection with chlorine. A UV filtration system also disinfects our pools.
  • BioOx air purification system installed on the pool deck removes chlorine particles and improves air quality. The recently installed CASPR air filtration system neutralizes aerosolized viruses, including COVID-19.
  • Face coverings are required while traveling to and from the pool deck. They may be removed immediately before entry. 
  • The Olympic pool is kept at 79 to 82 degrees. The teaching and exercise pool temperature ranges from 89 to 92 degrees. Both pools are handicap accessible.

Click here for the water exercise schedule.

Aqua Exercise

Aqua Exercise will focus on:

  • Low-impact water workout
  • Cardio endurance
  • Strengthening muscles

There are currently no Aqua Exercise classes available.

Deep Water Running

Deep Water Running will focus on:

  • Exercise circuits in deep water
  • Building strength
  • Coordination

There are currently no Deep Water Running classes available.

Water Mom

Water Mom will focus on:

  • Low-impact water workout modified for pregnant women
  • Aerobic circuits
  • Building strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination 

There are currently no Water Mom classes available.

Warm Water Exercise

Warm Water Exercise will focus on:

  • Stretching arthritic joints
  • Strengthening joints
  • Building strength

There are currently no Warm Water Exercise classes available.