Reservations are required and capacity is limited. 

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Burn calories and build cardio endurance with Ride! Asphalt Green’s ride classes will provide you with an intense cardio-conditioning workout using top of the line Schwinn Authentic Cycling Performance Plus™ with Carbon Blue™. Our Schwinn-certified cycling instructors will guide you through a challenging class.

Our Ride studio features 24 bikes, mirrors to monitor your form, and an instructor platform to ensure all riders a front row seat. The Schwinn Authentic Cycling Performance Plus™ with Carbon Blue™ feature:

  • Schwinn MPower™ Echelon2 Console with Power Upgrade—provides power (watts), cadence (RPM), stage, and total time measurements, stage and total distance measurements, and heart rate, with compatible heart rate strap. Distance and calorie calculations are based on power.
  • Carbon Blue™ drive chain—provides a similar tension to a bike chain for a real road feel.
  • Triple Link™ Pedal Compatibility—pedals can accommodate most cleats to simulate outdoor climbing. Pedals can be converted to snap-in locking clips for regular athletic shoes.

For more information on Ride, please contact our Fitness Department: (212)369-8890 x2247.