Resolutions, they’re fun to make but can hard to keep. Let’s resolve to change that in 2016! Here are a few healthy resolutions you, or the whole family can stick with—and enjoy. Need help staying on track? We’re here for you. Whether you’re hitting the gym, pounding the pavement, diving in the pool, or taking to the field, we’re there for you. Just ask!

  • Give me (or yourself) 20. Don’t be fooled: 20 minutes is plenty of time to complete a high-intensity, total-body workout. In fact, all you need are three moves to hit all the major muscle groups while torching serious calories. Repeat after me: I do have time. Get the workout.​


  • Get inside and play! We all know the health benefits of getting active outside, and there’s no reason to give them up in the wintertime. Mark your calendars to play on our indoor turf field from 1pm to 3pm every Sunday. That’s one weekly commitment that should be easy to keep. Learn more


  • Pump it up. Intimidated by the barbell? Don’t be! Group fitness class, BODYPUMP™, will have you cleaning and pressing in no time. Don’t know what that means? They’ll teach you the lingo too. Instructors demonstrate each move and help participants load the bar with just the right weight. You’ll love your newfound confidence almost as much as your newly toned muscles. Did we mention you can burn up to 590 calories in one class? Get the details.


  • Reduce your impact. You don’t have to be a swimmer to get in the pool. Water exercise classes like deep water running improve endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility in a low-impact environment. Add one or two days of water exercise to your weekly routine for a workout that challenges your body in new ways. See the Upper East Side and Battery Park City schedules. Classes are free to members.


  • Give up on your goals and try a community challenge instead. It’s easy to make excuses for yourself, that’s why resolutions where others are counting on you are easier to achieve. Join our One-Hour Postal Swim and help us reach our Asphalt Green community goal of 300,000 laps in January! What’s more, swimming the freestyle stroke burns 400 to 600 calories in an hour. You win; we win! Join the challenge.


  • Just play games. Playing active games counts toward daily fitness goals—for both kids and adults—and you’ll have fun. Our Recess Enhancement Program team is full of creative indoor and outdoor game ideas for spaces big and small. Check back each month as we publish a new activity to try with your family. Here are a few of our favorite games to get you started.


  • Make it social. Signing up for a race gives you a goal to work toward. Training with a group makes getting to your goal fun. Check out our 2016 marathon and half marathon training programs. Way past that? Check out our full and half iron distance programs. See the programs.


  • Learn a new skill. It’s never too late—or early. Become an American Red Cross certified lifeguard at Asphalt Green! Throughout the year, we offer courses for adults (15 years and older) to receive certifications in lifeguarding, first aid, AED, and CPR. Sign up for our winter certifications uptown or downtown, and be ready for the summer swim season (hello summer job!).