Our routines have been flipped upside down these past few weeks. You may be adjusting to working from home, more alone time, or your children’s new school schedule—possibly all of these things. The way we are living right now is not normal. These are stressful times; it’s OK if you’re not the most productive right now. Remember to celebrate the small wins. Here are easy goals you can set while you practice social distancing:  

Drink water. 

Staying hydrated is a small but important task. Keep a glass of water within arm’s reach, and make a point to refill throughout the day. 


Studies show meditation can reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep and emotional well-being. There are a number of meditations apps available—some are free and others carry a fee. Headspace and Calm are the leaders in the space. Take time to experiment with the style of meditation that works for you.   

Stretch every day. 

Moving from your bed to your work-from-home setup may leave your muscles tight. Commit to stretching for 10 minutes every day to keep your muscles flexible and strong. 

Move your body. 

It’s OK if you are not in the best shape of your life right now. Simply moving your body is enough. Go on a social distancing walk or run, try an online workout, work with a virtual personal training, or tune in to Asphalt Green’s live classes on Instagram at 9am every Friday. 

Set a routine. 

Hitting snooze a few extra times in the morning is tempting, especially if your work hours are more flexible. Try to resist; sticking to a morning and evening routine will keep you focused. Set the tone for your day with a healthy breakfast, coffee, or a workout. Try winding down in the evening with a good book. Remember, what works for one person may not work for another.  

Get creative in the kitchen. 

Use the extra time at home to get inspired in the kitchen. Yes, you can keep it healthy without only eating salads. We even rounded up some of the healthy cooking blogs we’re loving. 

Become a plant parent. 

Bring the outside in. Surrounding yourself with greenery is soothing, and studies show it can boost concentration.  

Adopt a new hobby. 

Learn a language, read a book, draw, write, or crochet. Is there an activity that has always piqued your interest? Now may be the time to learn.  


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