The pandemic has disrupted the lives of teens. They had their social worlds turned upside down, and many have spent time away from the activities they love. The circumstances have taken a toll on teens’ physical and mental health. While there is no quick fix or simple solution, personal training can be a great tool to help your teen through this unprecedented time. Asphalt Green personal trainer Chris Morson works with teens regularly and shares the benefits of working with a fitness professional.  


Build confidence. There are few things that build confidence more than seeing personal improvement week after week. A personal trainer is also a cheerleader, instilling a can-do attitude with every challenge. Teens carry the positivity they use to complete 20 pushups to all areas of life—school, sports, and more. 


Prevent injury. Teens want to be able to work out on their own. However, injuries are more likely to occur if exercises are performed without proper form and instruction from a professional. A personal trainer is with you every step of the way to make sure every move is performed safely and precisely. For example, if your knees cave in when you squat, extra pressure is put on your knees, and without correction, can lead to injury. A personal trainer will create a program designed to correct imbalances and set a good fitness foundation for your teen that he or she will carry throughout life.  


Learn something new. Personal training is not just about completing sets of exercises. Teens are learning about their bodies throughout the session. Chris makes sure to explain which muscles are working, the purpose of each exercise, and how each move translates to sports and everyday movement.  


Build connection. Teens are craving connection now more than ever. Regular in-person contact is important for a teen’s development. Chris has noticed that teens are quick to open up and share their experiences during the pandemic. This connection is beneficial for mental health and emotional growth. 


Form structure. Teens are not getting structure from traditional outlets like school, clubs, and varsity and junior varsity sports. Personal training provides structure during the week in a safe environment. You’re working one-on-one in a clean space with a trainer at the same time every week. It provides a healthy outlet for teens.  


Have fun! Personal training is fun and taps into an individual’s healthy competitive nature. Chris designs his programs for teens like a game. If it’s not fun, kids won’t come back. 


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