Asphalt Green employees are celebrating Global Running Day by sharing why they run. Nearly 17 million people finish a road race in the US each year. Whether you pound the pavement for competition or leisure, go fast or slow, or run with a group or go solo, you can participate too. You are a runner as long as you’re moving your body and putting one foot in front of the other.


I run to clear my mind and connect with the outdoors in a very personal and intentional way. The fresh air, whether hot, cold, or humid, rejuvenates me and gives me energy to get through the day. It also allows me to eat a really big meal! –Jenn Coccia, Senior Director, Member Experience


Running made me a better, more driven, and more accountable teammate. My childhood was lived in the context of team sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. At 14, I took up track and field as a fitness supplement to my other sports. Little did I know that I would take away so much more than cardio from the experience. I learned mental toughness, self-awareness, and an almost selfish but confidence-building sense of accomplishment after winning a race. For the first time in my sporting life, I was solely in control of my successes and failures. There’s no one player carrying the team. Any athlete can benefit from an experience like that. –Pedro Raicovich, Senior Director, Sports


I run to clear my mind and simply be outdoors. Running reminds me to be present and to appreciate where I am all while forging ahead. -Denise Chan, Senior Graphic Designer


I love the sport because when I run, I run for me. I like running because I enjoy the feeling of floating over the pavement, the sweat from the total-body physical activity, and the endorphins I get afterward. The sport has evolved for me. I ran competitively at a Division III school, then to stay in shape post college, which ultimately led to running the NYC Marathon. Today, I run for a little escape and peace of mind. As a mom, I run every day chasing my two wonderful toddlers. –Jennifer Sirchio, Director of Marketing


I run to remember my mom. I wasn’t always a runner. When my mother was first diagnosed with cancer, I volunteered at races that benefited research. After seeing how happy the racers were crossing the finish line, I thought to myself, "I could do that too, couldn’t I?" I signed up for my first 5k in NYC in 2008. It was invigorating, and my mom was so proud. I ran with her name on my back and her voice in my head telling me to keep going. As much as I wanted to quit, I pushed through knowing I was doing it for her. Over the next two years, I continued to run, and my mom’s health continued to decline. I ran for her. I ran for therapy for myself. I ran for her health and for mine.

My mom lost her battle with colon, liver, lung, and brain cancer in 2011. Around that same time, I set my goals high for my first 26.2-mile challenge to run in her memory. After four grueling hours through the hills of Pittsburgh, I felt her with me as I crossed the marathon finish line.

I ran that day, and continue to run every day, for her. I’ve completed 15 half marathons and four full marathons since my first race in 2008. I continue to run for peace of mind. I run for an escape. And I run to remember my mom. –Jen Polzak, Senior Manager of Fitness


I run because it brings me peace and motivation. It allows me to set everything else aside and focus on my breath and stride. Races motivate me to set personal bests and to strive to improve. –Grace Yee, Camp Division Leader 


Running allows me to clear my mind. I am able to relax and unwind while enjoying the amazing sights NYC has to offer. –Sindy Weisinger, Camp Division Leader


I love running because it is the best way to spend time downtime that is all my own. Getting fresh air and moving makes me feel healthy and strong. When I’m in a race, the energy from other runners and spectators keeps me motivated! –Michelle Duffy, Camp Counselor


I love running because it’s social, the scenery is amazing, and there is nothing like the runner’s high and being fit. I started running track in sixth grade and continued competing through high school. After swimming in college, I came back to running and have completed many marathons. I don't race anymore, but running is still the best way to start or end a day. Plus, I still get to eat whatever I want because I run so much! –Craig Charlson, Director of Aquatics


Running makes me feel empowered, motivated, and strong. I credit the sport with getting me through some of life's biggest challenges. It's a form of therapy for me. There is something meditative about putting one foot in front of the other. Some days I feel fast, and other days it feels like my legs are made of bricks. But as long as I'm moving forward, I'm closer to reaching my goal. On good and bad days, if I finish my run, I can do anything. –Ally Fox, Marketing Content Manager


I run so that I’m not the first one eaten in the zombie apocalypse! –Kjersti Jorgenson, Digital Marketing Associate


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