When school is newly back in session and everyone is getting to know each other, many educators look for ice breaking activities to help out. Look no further! Memory Ball is an ideal game to play to encourage students to learn their classmates' names. The only equipment required is a small ball or bean bag, and it can be played in any open space.




Memory Ball

Who: Grades 3-5 

Players: 15+ 

Time: 15 minutes+ 

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, playground 

Equipment: 1-2 soft or gator balls 


How to Play 

  • Form a circle. Remember who passes you the ball and who you pass the ball to.
  • When you get the ball you must pass it to someone who has not had it or isn’t next to you.
  • Before you pass look that person in the eye, say their name, and throw it underhand.
  • The last person must pass the ball to the first person.
  • Restart if the ball drops or passed to the wrong person

Check for Understanding 

  • What do you do before you pass the ball?
  • Point to the person who passes the ball first.

Game Tip 

  • Have students look each other in the eye before they throw the ball.

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Have students clap if someone drops the ball or makes a mistake.



Easy: Pass to everyone within a specific time. 

Medium: Add multiple balls. 

Hard: Have students walk around the room instead of standing in a circle.

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