AGUA Masters is one of the fastest growing adult swim teams in the country with more than 200 registered members. AGUA Masters swim team is dedicated to helping adult swimmers of all ability levels improve their swimming by developing better technique, fitness, and endurance through structured group instruction and training.

We welcome adult swimmers of all skill levels on AGUA Masters. Team members receive access to daily workouts, group coaching, private swim lessons and more. Learn more about AGUA Masters Swim Team below. 

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Jackie Fasano: From Swimmer to Triathlete

A competitive swimmer growing up, Masters swimmer Jackie Fasano used her skills in the water to transition to triathlon.


23-Time Ironman Ben Lloyd Reflects on Triathlon Career

Ben Lloyd starting competing in triathlons in 2001. He reflects on an 18-year career.


AGUA Masters Private Coaching

Get one-on-one attention from our Asphalt Green Masters swim coaches with private coaching.


How We Train

Our focus is supporting each individual’s goals. Our workouts help members reach their target fitness level, maximize performance, build con

Our Facilities

Asphalt Green’s state-of-the-art facilities contribute to the outstanding experience for AGUA Masters members. Our Olympic-size pool at our

Join AGUA Masters

We welcome adult swimmers of all skill levels on Asphalt Green Masters.

AGUA Masters Events

Training trips, swim meets, banquets, and more.

Asphalt Green Masters Coaches

AGUA Masters Coaches have extensive experience as swim coaches and many were swimmers at the collegiate level.

AGUA Masters FAQs

Get answers to the most common questions about what it's like to be a member of the AGUA Masters team!