What is Recess Enhancement Program (REP)?

Asphalt Green’s Recess Enhancement Program (REP) focuses on increasing physical activity rates for New York City children through organized and safe recess in school. We work with students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Our curriculum features more than 150 games and activities that are appropriate for different ages and spaces inside and out. Games can be tailored to any student, space or situation so no one is left out.


How does Recess Enhancement Program work?

Asphalt Green partners with New York City public elementary schools to implement our Recess Enhancement Program during lunch and recess periods. One of our highly trained and talented Play Coaches visits each partner school two or four days a week for 35 weeks from September to June to:   

  • Create recess routines for students in kindergarten to fifth grade
  • Identify useable recess spaces, especially for active indoor recess
  • Map out current recess spaces to create different game stations
  • Teach organized games and activities
  • Encourage all students to be active no matter their age or ability
  • Promote conflict resolution skills through play
  • Give students the skills to see any environment as one they can be active in
  • Work with schools to encourage active recess routines throughout the year


What are the benefits of daily active recess?

Daily active recess has been shown to improve:

  • Classroom time
  • Classroom management
  • Academic  achievement
  • Lower incidents of verbal and physical aggression
  • Student connectedness
  • Student absenteeism
  • Student health


Why is recess at risk?

School recess is a logical time to increase children's physical activity rates. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (now SHAPE America) recommends that children receive 20 minutes of daily active recess. However, approximately 40-percent of US schools have either eliminated or reduced recess to free up more time for academics.

Did you know:

  • Only 12% of states require elementary schools to provide daily recess.
  • Only 18% of school districts recommend daily recess.
  • Close to 17% of schools with high minority students enrolled report no recess.


Who runs Recess Enhancement Program in schools?

Recess Enhancement Program is facilitated by our Play Coaches, who have extensive experience working with children. Many have backgrounds in recreation, dance, sports coaching, physical education and exercise science. All of our Play Coaches go through a multi-step screening process and receive a two-week intensive training before the school year begins. Once the season starts, we continue training with weekly professional development.