Asphalt Green’s Swim for the Future Scholarship was created in honor of two Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics (AGUA) Masters Swim Team members—Andrew Fisher and Doug Irgang—who tragically lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Scholarships are awarded each year to talented AGUA Swim Team members and promising young athletes in Asphalt Green’s swim school and swim league, feeders to the AGUA Swim Team. In memory of 20 years of 9/11 and Swim for the Future, we caught up with past scholarship recipients to hear how it has shaped their lives. 

Annie Zhu: scholarship recipient 2009 to 2012

  • Residence: Atlanta  
  • Profession: Project Coordinator for a global organizational consulting management firm 
  • Favorite Asphalt Green memory: Saturday morning practices. I remember the grueling workouts but getting to hang out with my teammates afterward made it all worth it. 

Hear from Annie:  

“Learn to enjoy the process, everything is only as hard as you make it. Learn to look forward to the obstacles with positivity that ultimately make the results that much more satisfying when you've practiced and worked over and over to get right.” 

Jadyn George: Scholarship Recipient 2018 to 2021 

  • Residence: New York City  
  • Profession: Student at Wesleyan University  
  • Favorite Asphalt Green memory: Waterproofing, I loved teaching the kids how to swim 

Hear from Jadyn: 

“I swim because I know that I can become better and I want to represent Guyana, my home country, at international meets.” 


Johnathan Mujica: scholarship recipient 2013 to 2014 

  • Residence: The Bronx 
  • Profession: IT operations transformations team member at a financial firm 
  • Favorite Asphalt Green memory: In-house meets with friends, Asphalt Green coaches, and all the families that came to support. 

Hear from Johnathan: 

“[I want to say] thanks to Asphalt Green for letting me have the experience of a lifetime as a teenager through Asphalt Green's Swim for the Future scholarship program. In fact, I now teach young kids to swim every other season at a local pool in downtown New York City.” 


Noah Fields: Scholarship Recipient 2009 to 2011 

  • Residence: Williamsburg, Virginia  
  • Profession: Student at William & Mary  
  • Favorite Asphalt Green memory: After practice shenanigans with my teammates 

Hear from Noah: 

“Sports are important to me because it keeps you healthy, happy, and focused. They give you the confidence to achieve all your goals in life.”