Grocery shopping has a new meaning in this heart-pumping playground game for kids. Our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game of the month Grocery Store will keep your child's mind sharp and body active. 


Grocery Store

Who: Grades 1 to 5 

Players: 25+

Time: 20 minutes+

Where: Indoor gymnasium or playground 



  • Cones to create a square or rectangular boundary
  • Additional different color cones to represent food items

How to Play: 

  • Instruct students to spread out and start walking within the boundary. 
  • When the moderator says, "freeze," stop and listen for the grocery items being called out. 
  • Run to the cone that is the color of the item called, and stay there until the next round begins. 
  • If a player runs to the wrong cone, instruct him or her to do five jumping jacks, and then rejoin the game. 


Conflict Resolution Tip: 

  • Have multiple cones of the same colors set up within the boundary. 


Play: REP it Out

EASY: Instruct student to walk or skip to cones.

MEDIUM: Instruct students to hop on one foot.

HARD: Call out more than one item at once. 


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