Kids show off their favorite dance moves in this popular Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game, Classy Moves.


REP Game: Classy Moves

Who: Grades K-5   

Players: 10+   

Time: 10 minutes+   

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground   

Equipment: None 

How to Play  

  • Players form a circle standing 6 feet away from each other. The dance leader will be in the middle. 
  • The dance leader will dance in the middle for 20 seconds. 
  • Everyone must copy the dance leader's classy moves. Then it's someone else's turn. 
  • Continue until each player gets a chance to be the dance leader. 

Check for Understanding

  • Who should players be copying? 
  • How far apart should players stand? 

Game Tip  

  • Demonstrate different types of dances before the game starts. 

Conflict Resolution Tip  


Easy: Have two dance leaders.

Medium: Players can only dance using their hands. 

Hard: Have two players dance battle. 

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