Kids use their imaginations while getting active in this popular Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game, Memory Making.


Memory Making

Who: Grades K-5 

Players: 5+ 

Time: 10 minutes+ 

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground 

Equipment: None 

How to Play 

  • Players line up standing 6 feet apart from one another.  
  • Players will be doing a lot of moving, but they must stay in their spot. 
  • The leader says, "I have been on a many different adventures recently, but I forgot my camera on every one! I need you to help me recreate some of my favorite moments so I can have some photos. I am going to describe some of my memories, and I need you to try and recreate them in 30 seconds using only your body and your imagination,"
  • The player who demonstrates moves closest to the leader's memory wins! All other players will do five star jumps. 

Check for Understanding 

  • What are players using to recreate the memories? 
  • What happens if players are unsuccessful? 

Game Tip

  • The leader should ensure his or her memories have clear activities students can complete. 

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Play rock-paper-scissors if the game is too close to call.


Easy: Describe memories that only use arms. 

Medium: Describe memories that only use legs. 

Hard: Describe memories that have players moving their entire body.

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