Kids will love our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) spin on the most popular game in the world. Line Soccer is the perfect game for bigger groups. 


Line Soccer 

Who: Grades 3 to 5 

Players: 10 to 20 

Time: 15 minutes+

Where: Small playground 



  • Create goals using cones (two per goal) 
  • Sideline boundary is created by the players 
  • Place a soccer ball in the middle of the boundary 


How to Play: 

  • Split your group into two teams. Instruct players to line up on the sidelines, forming a boundary. 
  • Give each player a number (both teams should have the same numbers).  
  • The facilitor calls out a number. The players on both teams assigned that number run toward the ball and try to score a goal. 
  • Players can pass the ball to their teammates on the sideline, but only those in play can score a goal. 
  • Once a goal is scored, reset the game and call out a new number. 


Conflict Resolution Tip: 

  • Instruct students to high-five after each round. 


Play: REP it out

EASY: Use two soccer balls.

MEDIUM: Call out two numbers.

HARD: Call out more than four numbers.  


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